All of us retain the experiences of the foods we have eaten, and they become a part of our being — an edible archive we carry around in our bodies, memories and minds.  At the Edible Archives restaurant, we aim to create a collective sensory catalogue that belongs to all the people involved in growing, sourcing, cooking and eating a meal.

Edible Archives is ingredient-driven, in an age of climate change and rapidly depleting biodiversity. We source only the freshest produce, seafood, meats and grains, following seasonal patterns and aiming to increase the quality and variety of local ingredients on our plates. Following the ethos of sustainability, we do not limit ourselves to any one cuisine or approach, instead spotlighting traditional ingredients across cultures, growing what we can, and limiting waste as much as possible.

Restaurant timings:
12 (noon) — 11 pm Tuesdays closed

For reservations,
call 8308830750