At Edible Archives, we are ingredient-driven, sourcing only the freshest and most flavourful seasonal produce, seafood, meats and grains. In an age of climate change and rapidly depleting biodiversity, as an ethos we are committed to increasing the diversity on our plates. To do so, we spotlight little-known traditional ingredients across cultures and do not limit ourselves to one cuisine. We exclusively serve indigenous rice varieties from across India, pairing each dish with a variety that complements it in taste, scent and texture.

We grow what we can, based on permaculture principles, in our kitchen and herb garden. In order to waste as little as possible, we limit our plastic use, compost all our organic matter, and avoid using non-biodegradable disposable items.

Our home is in the courtyard of an old Portuguese villa. It is the heart of the space, where rice used to be harvested from the paddy field opposite and brought to be boiled and dried, where pickles were preserved and masalas were stone-ground, where water was drawn from the well, and stories and laughter and gossip exchanged through sunlit days and long into the night over feni and wine. This lovely ambiance influences all of our work, and we hope you enjoy it as you savour our food or linger over drinks or a cup of tea.

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