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We believe in a hands-on approach to learning, so all interns must work in at least 2 of the areas of the restaurant during their time with us: kitchen, bar, service, garden. The work might include but is not limited to:

Kitchen: chopping, cooking, keeping track of inventory, learning how to work with indigenous ingredients, how to reduce wastage

Bar: stock-taking, making tea/coffee/juices, washing up, learning how to work with indigenous ingredients

Service: serving tables, clearing up, interacting with guests, conveying the ideas and concepts behind Edible Archives

Garden: watering, digging, plant care, learning how to grow indigenous varieties, a chemical-free approach

Fortnightly classes with Chef Anumitra on political, practical and philosophical aspects of food, ingredients, the F&B industry, etc. for all interns

More detailed project ideas for each intern profile will be discussed on an individual basis.


Minimum 3-6 month commitment
Six days a week, with one weekly off
Full time: 9 hours a day (sometimes slightly more if needed)


Basic shared accommodation with the rest of the staff, within walking distance of Edible Archives (no commuting hassles!)
Alternatively, we can help you arrange for paid accommodation elsewhere


Rs 10,000/ per month for Culinary Intern II (with previous professional restaurant experience)
Rs 5,000/ per month for all other interns


Culinary Arts
(2 positions)

Gardens, Farms & Ecosystems


Business & Hospitality

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